great experience

My hunting season has arrived.
Mt.Gassan is all covered with snow.
On fine days the graceful figure shines brightly
and looks down my home all day long.

Falconry time is usually from the end of December
to the middle of March when the trees are covered with snow.
It’s a short period for less than three months.

Now I’m training a female golden eagle which
I got from Russia last year. Her name is Derusuu.
She is young and has no experience of hunting.

A golden eagle is still bigger than a hawk eagle.
Derusuu weighs nearly 5 kilograms.
She is the biggest partner I’ve ever had.
Everyday I spend more time with her than with my family.
The training is now on the last stage, and we’ll soon go hunting together.

By the way, I love the sea and mountains.
I enjoy diving in the sea and climbing mountains.
On the holidays, I often go out with my son.

Last summer, when we went to the sea near the Tsuruoka City,
I had a great experience.

When we were swimming and capturing underwater living thing,
my son cried out to bathing children around us,
“My dad is a genius at capturing top shells and sea urchins!”

My son might have been carried away by a sudden impulse to boast of me.
I was embarrassed, but much more glad to hear that.

I wish my son to get skills to live in nature and to understand
that man is a part of nature.
Whatever he may become in the future,
I think those are the bases to live as man.
He might understand my wish.

Matsubara Hidetoshi