weasel's parting shot

One night, years ago,
a chicken I had kept screamed out suddenly from its pen.

I supposed that something attacked the chicken,
so I rushed to the pen with a flashlight.
And I found the chicken was attacked by a certain living thing.

Guess what was that?

That was a weasel.

I got mad and caught the weasel with bare hands.
By the way, have you ever heard about “weasel’s parting shot”?
It is said in Japan that weasels have a habit of breaking wind
when they are attacked or frightened.

The book I’ve read says a hunting dog that jumped on a weasel
got the parting shot and writhed at an extraordinary smell.

However, when I actually captured a weasel,
it did not do the stinky shot at all.

And the shot has never been put out though
I captured weasels alive several times afterwards.
Therefore, I doubt whether the description in the book is true.

I’m afraid I’ve done a silly talk from the first time.
In this column, anyway, I plan to talk about nature
and animals mainly. I hope to see you again.

Hidetoshi Matsubara