Training of a hawk

He starts training of his hawk late in autumn every year.
Although he and his hawk are living together like a family,
pre-season training is essential for hunting.
First of all, he teaches his hawk to perch on his arm in the darkness.
(At the start, hawks are not controllable in the light.)

Then light a candle in the corner of a room,
he keeps still with his hawk on his arm.
When his hawk has calmed down in the candlelight,
they go outdoors into the dim light of dawn
and then into daylight.
Next he teaches to return to his arm from far away
only by his calling, and at the final stage,
he trains his hawk to attack game using fake stuff.

The tradition of the falconry inherited in the
northeastern district of Japan is going to dying out.
Times have changed. It is hardly possible to make
a living by hunting with hawks any more.
Matsubara Hidetoshi has become the last professional falconer.

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